Neighbors help solve library purse snatching case

Neighbor Kevin Haag posted this to the beaconhill mailing list yesterday. We are reposting with his permission:

A sad story (but with a happy ending):

At 7:30 tonight at the Beacon Hill library, I was unlocking my bike while—I found out later—in the children’s section, a young man pulled on a ski mask and snatched an elderly woman’s purse. He burst out the main doors behind me and ran northeast across Beacon Ave. Several of us chased him and at 18th and McClellan his ski mask and the purse were recovered. The young man got away, but witnesses returned to the library to offer descriptions to the police officer called in by the library staff. The purse was returned to the owner and her ID was still inside, but all of her cash was gone.

About one hour after I spoke with the officer at the library as a witness, he personally called to clarify what I had seen and informed me that everyone’s care paid off. He said that thankfully a neighbor noticed a young man acting suspiciously a few blocks away from where the purse was found, called 911 and ultimately SPD arrested the young man on a metro bus and
found the missing cash on him.

Thanks to everyone that spoke with SPD regarding the incident—especially the neighbor who happened to notice someone acting oddly on their street. I, for one, will recall this time less as a tragedy and more as a positive experience that really brought out the best in our community, including caring neighbors and a responsive police department.

Together we can proclaim that this is our community, and when you’re on Beacon Hill you will be cared for.

Thanks, Kevin!

6 thoughts on “Neighbors help solve library purse snatching case”

  1. Wow, thanks for your alertness and willingness to get involved.
    I’m thankful that the Seattle Public Library itself appears more willing to look at the big picture [b]”Seattle Public Library has 26 security cameras inside and outside at its downtown library, and the library will share video with police as long as it is unrelated to the use of the library and the patrons’ borrowing choices, said Andra Addison, Seattle Public Library spokeswoman. There are no other security cameras at any Seattle branches.”[/b]

    ….versus the King County Library System who is more interested in protecting privacy over safety and crime.

  2. One can argue that protecting privacy IS the bigger picture (see arguments for and against the Patriot Act for example).

  3. Wow! I heard a thump outside my window and this guy was hiding in my Rosmary bush till the pursuers flushed him out. He jumped two fences and darted off. Great to hear that they caught him!

  4. I was there that night! It was so disturbing to see the elderly woman fall to the ground as the man took off with her purse. But as I saw a gentleman quickly take off in what looked like running gear I hoped that this would be the outcome. Awesome!

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