Liquor license approved for Travelers

The soon-to-open Travelers Indian thali restaurant at 2524 Beacon Ave. S. has just had a liquor license application approved for a “direct shipment receiver” license (which will allow the business to buy beer and/or wine from federally certified wineries or breweries). Here is the information as posted by the state Liquor Control Board:

Approved Date: 6/27/2011
Business Name: TRAVELERS
Business Location: 2524 BEACON AVE S STE 1, SEATTLE, WA 98144-5132
Application Type: NEW APPLICATION
License Number: 403433

4 thoughts on “Liquor license approved for Travelers”

  1. I haven’t seen anything new about it yet — now that you mention it, the liquor license should probably be approved (or not) for it any time, now.

  2. Permitting for the alehouse is in process. Liquor license was pre-approved! It’s taking a little bit longer than planned as we’ve been busy moving into the neighborhood. Fear not!

  3. Will kids be allowed in the alehouse? What kind of liquor license/exception needs to be in place? You’ll sell a lot more food/beer if you welcome families…

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