“No Jail at PacMed” groups organizing

Neighbor Hans writes:

For anyone who supports “No Jail at PacMed” we’ve organized a neighborhood discussion that’ll take place at my home on Sunday at 4:00. Several people with postings on this blog plan to attend. I live 2 blocks south of the building, on 14th Ave S. If you would like to attend, please send me an email and I’ll provide the address.

Neighbors have also set up a Facebook page to help organize against the Wright Runstad proposal, which would move the King County juvenile court and detention facility to the landmark PacMed building on North Beacon Hill.

3 thoughts on ““No Jail at PacMed” groups organizing”

  1. There have been some great ideas sent around via email today with neighbors I haven’t even met yet. However, we’re all going to meet Sunday at 4:00 to discuss ‘No Jail at PacMed’ and you’re invited to join.

    Get in touch and I’ll provide the address.


  2. We had a very constructive meeting on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 to discuss “No Jail at PacMed”. Earlier in the day several of us received a call from Dow Constantine’s office to inform us that the PacMed building probably won’t work for the project and we should expect a formal announcement sometime later this week. Needless to say that would be VERY good news. However, even if the jail does not locate to the building we still intend to make every attempt to engage Wright Runstad and let them know that the North Beacon Hill is very interested in whoever they select as a tenant and we would welcome the opportunity to work with them as a neighborhood.

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