Reconfiguration of Rizal Park off-leash area on NBHC agenda

Seattle Parks and Recreation staff will attend the North Beacon Hill Council meeting at 7:30 p.m. on September 8 at the Beacon Hill library to present a proposed configuration for the off-leash area at Dr. Jose Rizal Park. The meeting is open to the public, and all are invited to provide input on the proposal.

In response to the construction of the Mountains to Sound Greenway bicycle/pedestrian trail along the western edge of the park, and to concerns about the perception of safety in the area, Seattle Parks proposes to reduce the size of the Rizal Park off-leash area, currently 5 acres. Since moved from Beacon Hill to South Lake Union, the use of the off-leash area has dropped. The area’s proximity to “The Jungle” has also contributed to a lack of use of the current space.

The Beacon Hill library branch is located at 2821 Beacon Ave. S.

4 thoughts on “Reconfiguration of Rizal Park off-leash area on NBHC agenda”

  1. Very excited to hear that they are finaly continuing the Mountains to Sound Greenway. Does anyone know where one can get more info about this (the route, the proposed open date, etc)? The website one gets when one googles it ( doesn’t go anywhere…

  2. Steve-
    The trail was open the other day when I happened upon it. Took a cruise down with the bike from the east side of the Rizal bridge to the new termination where Beacon Ave. changes to Holgate just east of I-5. Nice roll. You can practically coast the length from north to south and it provides more spectacular views from Beacon Hill to the west, coupled with the calming sound of freeway noise. The route pretty much parallels I-90 then I-5 with some undulating elevation to keep it interesting.

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