Opinions wanted on BHIS public art project

Angela Castañeda writes to request public input on a new public artwork at Beacon Hill International School:

We’re launching a new public art project on the hill and we want your input! With funds from a City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods matching grant we will create a 6×8 tile mosaic to adorn the south-facing brick wall of the Beacon Hill School entryway. This spot is ideal for viewing by car or foot traveling along 14th Avenue South past the school. The mosaic will beautify a high traffic space that is frequented by Beacon Hill School parents, neighbors, students, staff, visitors, and community volunteers.

Did you know Beacon Hill International School’s mission is to inspire lifelong learners and global citizens? Check out the preliminary design outline for the mosaic, exploring the theme of “We All Belong, A World of Learners.” (The design outline was created by artist-in-residence Julie Maher, based on concept work by students and the project steering committee, a mix of neighbors and school community members who support art).

We want this to be an opportunity for the entire Beacon Hill community to come together as partners to create something special to be enjoyed by everyone. In order to do that BHIS will host tile-making workshops in the fall, open to the community (event dates will be announced in advance). In the meantime we hope you will take a moment to share your thoughts on the project and the design.

Post your comments on the fabulous Beacon Hill Blog.

Here’s the picture of the design. (Click the image to see a larger version.) What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Opinions wanted on BHIS public art project”

  1. Nice start. Looking forward to seeing some of the colors or patterns that will be used within the larger pattern. Having a general color plan will keep the overall pattern more effective. Have fun with it!

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