Have you seen Sid?

Have you seen this kitty?
(Tuesday afternoon: Sid has been found! Thanks to everyone for your help! — Ed.)

I apologize for not getting this posted sooner. Neighbor Kristin recently wrote to us:

Our American Tabby cat is missing; last time we saw him was Saturday September 24. We live on 14th between Dakota and Nevada. His name is Sid, he has 4 white paws and a white belly. He may have snuck into someone’s house or garage to avoid the rain and without a collar (he is chipped) they may not know who to call. If you had your garage/shed open on Saturday or Sunday and don’t mind taking a second to open it to see if he is hiding in there, I would really appreciate it. If anyone has seen him or knows where he is to please call us at 206-465-7003 or 206-915-6309.

Reward for safe return.

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  1. Sid has been found thanks to a very nice Beacon neighbor who lead us to him over a mile from home and very scared.

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