Anti-“Big Oil” rally on Beacon Hill today

Beacon Hill doesn’t see a lot of political rallies, but one is coming to the Hill today. The Seattle “End Subsidies for Big Oil” rally, organized by Environment Washington, is coming to the BP gas station at 2415 Beacon Ave. S. this morning at 10 a.m. Speakers scheduled for the rally include Katrina Rosen of Environment Washington, Pete Mills from the office of Congressman Jim McDermott, and Rachel Padgett of Fuse Washington.

This is one of several rallies scheduled throughout Washington State over the next couple of days. Tacoma and Olympia will see rallies this afternoon, and tomorrow morning there will be a rally in Yakima.

Location of the BP station on Beacon Avenue South. View Larger Map

2 thoughts on “Anti-“Big Oil” rally on Beacon Hill today”

  1. I sure hope none of these protesters drove or took the bus there! Seems the biggest protest would be to sit at home with the lights and heat off. Better yet, crawl into a hole. Muhuhahaha I suppose congressman McDermott needs something else to do lately, since he’s oddly quiet about the war(s) for these past three years.

  2. Oil is in EVERYTHING. Lubricating, cups, clothes. Cut your own throat. Waste of time. Oil will never go away

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