Have you seen Rishi?

Neighbors Kt and Bo write:

We haven’t seen our cat in a few days, and we think she may have lost her way home or be stuck in someone’s home/garage/basement/front window, as she tends to be a fearless wanderer and the weather was bad over the weekend. I saw her last on Thursday, the 10th of November. We live on 14th between Dakota and Nevada. Her name is Rishi (Ree-Shee), she is a small Oriental Tabby. She is not wearing a collar, but is micro-chipped. Her family, especially our two year old, is ready for her to come home. Please call us at 206-972-0045 (Kt) or 206-650-5874 (Bo) if you have seen her or have her.

We hope Rishi returns home in good health soon!

3 thoughts on “Have you seen Rishi?”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Rishi is still missing, and we appreciate everyone taking the time to look at the post to see if you recognize her. -Bo

  2. Hello! After many tough days (and one phone call about a cat that unfortunately wasn’t her) Rishi was returned to us just now by a neighbor who said she found her way into their basement. Everyone here is overjoyed, and we will be especially thankful this Thanksgiving to have our family complete again. Thank you all for taking the time to look at her picture and keep your eyes open for her, and to all of our neighbors who kept us in their thoughts.

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