Stolen computer returned, apparently not by God

Neighbor Jonathan sent us this tale of theft and recovery:

“On Wednesday, November 23rd, I left my messenger bag in the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station as I absent mindedly boarded the northbound train. As soon as I realized what I had done, I switched trains at the International District station and headed back. By the time I got there it was gone. It was either turned in or stolen.

“I called Link Light Rail and talked to the security guard on site, neither were of any help and so I waited, just hoping it was turned in to the next train operator. Turns out it was stolen. However, the taker or takers ultimately were not interested in the bag, only the computer in it. The bag was dropped on my front lawn/sidewalk on 16th Ave at around 10:00pm or so. At that point, I knew it was stolen of course and so gave up hope of finding it. I started checking Craigslist for computers of my specs to see if it was being turned around for a quick buck.

“However, the next morning, Thanksgiving Day, my computer was sitting safely on my front porch chair. There was still a lot of juice left in the battery and a note written on the back saying, ‘God did not return your computer, I did. Ha!’ During the day on Wednesday, I was able to use the Find My iPhone app and remotely wipe and lock the computer, which rendered it useless and unmarketable. So they brought it back. No harm, no foul as they say. And I got a good laugh out of the note too.”

Glad to see it came back!