Light rail to operate later hours on New Year’s Eve

Waiting for the train in Beacon Hill Station. Photo by Wendi.
If you are planning to take Link light rail to your New Year’s Eve celebrations, you’re in luck. Link will have slightly extended hours on Saturday night, December 31, to make it easier for you to ride home in the wee hours of 2012.

There will be two additional southbound trips from Westlake Station, at 12:58 a.m. and 1:13 a.m. The last northbound trip isn’t so late—it leaves Sea-Tac Station at 12:20 a.m.

On Sunday, New Year’s Day, and also on Monday, January 2, Link will run on a Sunday schedule, which means that the first northbound train won’t reach Beacon Hill Station until 6:43 a.m., and trains will run only every 10 minutes during most of the day. Service will return to normal on Tuesday, January 3.

2 thoughts on “Light rail to operate later hours on New Year’s Eve”

  1. I wouldn’t want to be taking light rail at that hour anyway… I am afraid of getting mugged after getting off at the station.

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