Jefferson Park Skatepark open for skating

The fences at the Jefferson Park Skatepark came down yesterday. Photo by Joel Lee (thanks!).

The fences came down yesterday at the Jefferson Park Skatepark — it’s now fully open to skate! According to Seattle Parks and Recreation, “The new park features the deepest bowl in Seattle, with shallower bowls alongside, a hexagonal elevated dish, great street features and lighting. The skatepark also features one of the best views of Seattle.”

The park was designed by Grindline Skateparks Inc., in collaboration with The Berger Partnership and with input from several community meetings. It was funded by the Parks and Green Spaces Levy which contributed $1,000,000. SubPop Records contributed an additional $10,000.

The Jefferson Park Skatepark is located at 3801 Beacon Ave. S., behind the Jefferson Community Center.

Also of interest to Beacon Hill skaters is the Benefit Park Skatedot, which is currently in the design phase.

In December, Joel Lee wrote "The Jefferson Skate Park is not officially open but dozens of skateboarders can none the less be seen utilizing the space on the weekends. The 11' bowl towards the back of the park is killer and must be one of the larger public bowls in Seattle." Now the park is officially open. Photo by Joel Lee.

6 thoughts on “Jefferson Park Skatepark open for skating”

  1. its funny iv skated 12foot bowls in wa so you must not know what your talking about or must not get out much. its a ok park grind line is known for bowls the street area is kinda small but the bowl is nice. i hear alot of people say the deep end sucks but i like it my self. the lights suck not very bright and it shuts off if you dont hit a button every couple min delridge is new and almost better almost.

  2. Forget the $1.01M price tag of this skate park… I am more concerned by the poor diction, failed punctuation, and incoherent ramblings of “ha ha ha.” Not funny!

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