Beacon Food Forest moving forward in 2012

This is the site that will become the Beacon Food Forest. Construction will start later this year. Photo courtesy of Friends of the Beacon Food Forest.
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Glenn Herlihy from the Beacon Food Forest sent us the group’s latest newsletter. Read on for information about the beginning of Food Forest construction, project grants, how to get involved, next Monday’s Steering Committee meeting, and a movie night on March 2 (Vanishing of the Bees).

We begin building the food forest this year!

2012 will be a big year for the Beacon Food Forest (BFF). In Dec. 2011 we received word from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods/ P-Patch Program the BFF will be receiving $100,000 to further develop the design and begin building. This is levy money administered by The Seattle P-Patch Program to fund and upstart new public gardens for communities without access to community gardens. Thank you very much P-Patch/Department of Neighborhoods and Voters for this grand opportunity to transform our sustainable community vision into reality!

For more info about P-Patches and the BFF,

The Levy money will jump start phase one of our garden. Having completed the schematic design, we will use some of the levy money to complete more detailed construction designs. These will enable us to assess the amount of grading and earth works needed at the site. We will also be hooking into city water and running water lines for irrigation throughout the 1.75 acres. We have a deadline to use these funds by Dec 31, 2012.
There is a bit of work to be done first, but it will be this summer and fall that our community will lay out beds/paths and begin planting a food forest! We know from our mail there are a lot of you out there wanting to dig in and grow, your time has come. Please stay tuned for more updates and events or contact us anytime at

Keeping our fingers crossed.
The BFF is also applying for other grants. One grant is in collaboration with City Fruit to acquire fruit trees and hold workshops on fruit tree biology, pruning and care. If this grant comes through we will host workshops free to the public while at the same time help to build a forest of fruit on Beacon Hill.

Another grant we have in the works is to fund educational signage throughout the forest. Education in soil building, companion planting and the science behind agroforestry are among the many aspects of permaculture we plan on teaching. This will be a grand opportunity to find an accomplished illustrator to work closely with the BFF.

Diversity and Resilience. $$ for Outreach
The BFF is consistently striving to create networks and relationships for the BFF to better represent our diverse community. Just like diverse plant communities can be more productive and resilient so too can humans.
The levy money will supply minimal funding for Outreach Service Providers (OSP) Once selected, the OSP’s will go out and contact specific organizations/groups for involvement with the BFF. If this sounds like something you can do for the BFF please contact Phi Huynh at the P-Patch Program or attend a Steering Committee meeting.

Getting involved
Attend a Steering Committee Meeting, next one is Monday Feb. 13th, 6pm, Beacon Merchants office, Beacon Hill Library.
Attend an event and bring your organization, group or friends. Movie Night March 2nd, see below.
Become an OSP (above) and visit organizations you are interested in talking too about the importance of building the BFF.
Sign up on the email list. Forward this update onto people you think would be interested. Receive updates and event news.

Movie Night…… Vanishing of the Bees……. Friday March 2nd…..7pm…….. Garden House…….2336 15th Ave S…… Cookies…Etc.

Vanishing of the Bees takes a piercing investigative look at the economic, political and spiritual implications of the worldwide disappearance of the honeybee. This feature-length documentary, which is narrated by Oscar-nominated Ellen Page, also examines the current agricultural landscape and celebrates the ancient and sacred connection between humans and honeybees.

This is a very informative and beautifully shot film. You will walk out understanding our relationship to bees.

Long live your Mother,
Friends of the Beacon Food Forest

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