DPD issues decision on project at 1751 18th Ave. S.

The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) has announced a Determination of Non-Significance decision regarding 1751 18th Ave. S. (the southwest corner of South State Street and 18th Avenue South), where a land use application has been filed to build three 3-story single family residences, demolishing the existing house on the site.

A Determination of Non-Significance indicates that the proposal has been determined not to have a significant adverse impact upon the environment, and so an environmental impact statement (EIS) is not required.

You can read the decision here. For further information, see the Notice of Decision here.

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2 thoughts on “DPD issues decision on project at 1751 18th Ave. S.”

  1. It will be nice to have something there other than an ugly boarded up house. I’m just sorry it took this long.

  2. Unfortunatly Suzanne, Three, Three story buildings on a site previously occupied by one will dramatically impact all adjacent homes. Think three story wall, erected right beside your house, blocking out your view that you have had your whole life or blocking out the sun. Three times in parking, street traffic, noise, undesirible architectural style, very cheaply built. I would not want that. We have to stop this city planning nightmare from occupying more of Beacon Hill, it is nothing but bad for our small scale neighborhoods. Dont kid youeself, these are not built by families they are built by developers who care nothing about the neighborhoods, just erecting huge structures that are cheaply built and moving on to ruin the next neighborhood after filling their pockets and cutting backroom deals with the DPD. LET’S SEND A MESSAGE TO dpd OFFICIALS, BUILD ONE OF THESE NEXT TO YOUR HOUSE THEN WE WILL TALK. Brett

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