DPD approves short subdivision on 14th Ave. S., grading on South Beacon Hill

The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) has announced a few new decisions related to Beacon Hill.

At 2706 14th Ave. S., on 14th two blocks west of the Red Apple, DPD has granted a short subdivision to create four unit lots out of the existing single site.

The planned development on the site would eventually be two duplex townhomes with four surface parking spaces. You can see the status of construction permits for the site here, and see the decision page here for more information about the site subdivision. If you wish to appeal this decision, the deadline to submit an appeal is March 26.

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On the far south end of the hill, DPD has made a Determination of Non-Significance with conditions (no environmental impact statement required), for a grading and vegetation removal project at three properties. The first is 8839 36th Ave. S. See the decision page here for more information.

The same decision was given for the nearby project at 3400 Edward Dr. S. See the decision page here.

The same decision was given for the nearby project at 9025 Cecil Ave. S. See the decision page here.

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6 thoughts on “DPD approves short subdivision on 14th Ave. S., grading on South Beacon Hill”

  1. FOUR STRUCTURES ON THE SITE OF ONE??? With only four parking spots? These structures will dramatically impact all adjacent homes. Think three story wall, erected right beside your house, blocking out your view that you have had your whole life or blocking out the sun. Three times in parking, street traffic, noise, undesirible architectural style, very cheaply built. I would not want that. We have to stop this city planning nightmare from occupying more of Beacon Hill, it is nothing but bad for our small scale neighborhoods. Dont kid youeself, these are not built by families they are built by developers who care nothing about the neighborhoods, just erecting huge structures that are cheaply built and moving on to ruin the next neighborhood after filling their pockets and cutting backroom deals with the DPD. LET’S SEND A MESSAGE TO DPD OFFICIALS, BUILD ONE OF THESE NEXT TO YOUR OWN HOUSE THEN WE WILL TALK. Brett

  2. I have to agree with Brett on this one, at least in principle. Four units will fill the property just about edge-to-edge, the whole thing will block city and sound views for the houses on either side, and the chances of elegant design or anything that remotely complements the surrounding neighborhood style… well, “slim to none” sounds about right, based on similar constructions around the area.

    I’m always sad when projects like this are pushed through in an older district; so much is lost, and the only person who gains is the developer.

  3. I’m confused by this — How is it that one has until March 26 to appeal the decision? THE CONSTRUCTION HAS ALREADY BEGUN!! The first of the duplexes is already erected…

  4. Presumably it was OK to build the first building but it they need this decision to build the rest? But that is just a guess.

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