Beacon Food Forest finds fame

Photo by Gavin St. Ours via Creative Commons/Flickr.

You have probably heard of the Beacon Food Forest, the new urban farming project being created west of Jefferson Park. Suddenly, however, much of the rest of the country is hearing about it as well. The Food Forest has picked up a ton of press in the last few weeks.

“It’s a great day if you like the organic food!” Craig Ferguson of CBS’s Late Late Show spent part of his monologue on Monday night’s show riffing about the Food Forest and organic food.

The Food Forest was also featured on KUOW’s Weekday show with Steve Scher on Monday.

Here are some of the other mentions this local project has received:

And the stories that seem to have started the frenzy:

It’s not yet as well-known as the Space Needle, but it seems the Food Forest is on its way to becoming a famous Seattle landmark.

4 thoughts on “Beacon Food Forest finds fame”

  1. Thanks for all of this BHB. I was trying to keep up with all of the articles for awhile, but finally just realized that ii is just too big to even keep up with. There are many other articles this last week that might not be about BFF, but they at least mention it such as the New Yorker. And then there are many reprints, like the Mother Earth News article being in Forbes for example. The AP article went everywhere from the Washington Post to the Miami Herald and there are articles coming in from all over the world but I’ve been having a hard time navigating foreign language websites.
    Some of the articles are a little cheeky ‘of course this would happen in Seattle’ but far and away this has been positive press.
    I think that Beacon Hill may be developing it’s first real tourist destination.

  2. Clearly we need to respond to Craig Ferguson on CBS LATE, LATE with reference to Kumquats at the Food Forest

    Loquats, actually do just fine in my front yard. LO Craig, LO, LOquats for ALL

  3. Today Mark Bittman linked to the Washington Post article in his blog. So great to see the photo of Glenn et al in the Washington Post! Thank you for all of your amazing work on this. After spending 2 years out of the country the United States seems so horrible if we let ourselves focus on the political news. It really helps to have things like the Food Forest and the Oak to come back to in our own neighborhood to give us a more positive view on things (not to mention Bar del Corso, Travelers and Jefferson Park, but we got to see those on our visit home last August).

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