New trees sprouting on North Beacon Hill

Photo by Wendi Dunlap.

You may notice a lot of new trees like this one on North Beacon Hill. These are two of the 300 or so trees that the Seattle Department of Transportation is planting along some of our neighborhood streets this month through the SDOT Community Tree program.

The trees pictured here, on 17th Avenue South, are Paperbark Maples, which are known for their decorative peeling red bark and for spectacular autumn colors. Other trees offered to the neighborhood included Serviceberry trees and American Hornbeams.

One thought on “New trees sprouting on North Beacon Hill”

  1. The SDOT tree planters have quite a routine,or “assembly line”.
    the first crew comes along to make the holes, the second crew comes along with the trees and
    plant and stake, then the last crew brings the mulch/ chips and water holder.
    These are nice size trees. They have a lot more to do yet on North Beacon Hill. What a progressive city and people. L L

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