Have you seen Ernie?

(Editor’s note: The dog has been found! Thanks, everyone!)

Neighbors Phil and Yulia write:

“This little dog was lost this evening, Thursday 12th April, on Beacon Hill. His name is Ernie and he’s very skittish with strangers. He is licensed and chipped and has a red harness on. However, the phone number on his collar isn’t valid because his owner is out of the country and will probably not be able to receive cell phone calls where she is. If you have seen this dog or have found him, please contact us by email or phone [number removed now that Ernie is back home — ed.]. Thanks.”

Have you seen this dog?

2 thoughts on “Have you seen Ernie?”

  1. Any word on Ernie? I saw a small dog that looked alot like Ernie running free on the north side of Columbian Way, near 24th ave south last thursday, but it was noon. I chased that little guy for nearly 30 minutes but was unable to catch him…don’t know if it was the same dog, since it was so early in the day.

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