Have you seen Macho?

This is Macho when he was a bit younger... but isn't he cute?
Neighbor Marie writes: “My friend Russ has been missing his cat from the Beacon Hill area for almost two weeks. He is heartbroken over losing his furry buddy.”

The kitty, Macho, is about nine months old and was last seen on Thursday, April 12. He is a gray tuxedo cat with white feet and chest. He is not neutered.

If you have any information about Macho, please call 206-783-9490.

This is a more recent picture of Macho. Have you seen him?

2 thoughts on “Have you seen Macho?”

  1. There has been a cat hanging out in the greenspace just North of McClellan (I saw it at the end of the Lander St dead end). It’s either black and white or grey and white. I saw it a couple weeks ago, but I think my neighbor has seen it more recently. I’ll keep my eyes open.

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