Women wanted for Wednesday lawn bowling league

Neighbor Heather sent this invitation:

‘Tis the season for Wednesday evening summer lawn bowling. This is a call out to all the ladies of Seattle who might want to consider joining this fabulous, but little known, summer outdoor activity on Beacon Hill. We are the Beacon Hill Bowl Busters — a women’s league at the Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club working hard to walk the friendly line between social and competitive. The season goes from June 6 to August 1.

Things to know:

  • We are an eclectic group of women lawn bowlers.
  • We bowl every Wednesday evening from 7 til you pretty much feel done or we get kicked off the greens.
  • We have created a light-hearted, socially-competitive environment.
  • We like to get our drink on and have a permit to do so on Wednesday evenings.
  • We like to get our drink on.
  • We welcome people who don’t want to get their drink on.
  • We love our community.
  • We fire up the grill and welcome food.
  • We have a blast bowling together.
  • We have an amazing million-dollar view.


For questions about joining the club contact info@seattlebowls.org
For questions about the league contact Kat Marriner at katmarriner@comcast.net