Bike thefts aggravate North Beacon neighbors

This bike was stolen from a garage on North Beacon Hill recently. Have you seen it?

Today is Bike to Work Day, but if you participate, don’t forget to lock up your bike! Neighbors on the Beacon Hill mailing list have reported several bike thefts recently. The thefts were from the areas of 19th and Waite, 19th and Horton, and 18th and Horton. One neighbor reported “two bikes [were] stolen from our garage while we were doing yardwork.” Another bike was stolen while parked in an alley. “I haven’t been able to keep a bike more than a season,” added another neighbor. “It’s cheap bikes and security cameras from now on for us.”

If your bicycle is stolen and its value is less than $500, you can file a police report online here. If the bicycle stolen is worth more than $500, report the theft by calling the police non-emergency number, 206-625-5011.

One thought on “Bike thefts aggravate North Beacon neighbors”

  1. It is a sad day, when one can’t leave things out for even a few minutes.
    As with the bikes, or the lawn mower that stolen ,as it was left in the yard
    for a short time while the lawn was being mowed a couple weeks ago.

    Some time ago ,a friend of mine was ready to somewhere, so the car
    windows were down and the motor running . She had to go back in the
    house for something , about 5 minutes, she came out to find the
    glovebox open and a couple things missing in daylight and in our
    parking lot,not on the street !
    So do we lock stuff up for the few minutes we may be gone or what!
    They whoever, are getting bolder and bolder. Of course things should
    be secured at night or when away.

    Lenny NBH

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