More festive images

A ton of photos came in to the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr this week. Here are a few — please visit the pool to see even more great photos of Hill life and events. Thanks to the great photographers who contributed!

Folding balloons at the Beacon Hill Festival. Photo by K. Shuyler.
A player in the Samoan Cricket League keeps his eye on the ball at Jefferson Park on May 26. Photo by Matthew Mar.
Neighbors toured the Beacon Food Forest site on Saturday. Photo by K. Shuyler.
Glenn Herlihy (right), shown here with (l to r) North Beacon Hill Council President Judith Edwards and City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, was one of several neighbors honored at this week's NBHC meeting for their contributions to Beacon Hill. Photo by Melissa Jonas.
Skater catching air at Jefferson Park. Photo by Matthew Mar.
Tasty food at the Beacon Hill Festival. Photo by K. Shuyler.
Good night, lion! Photo by K. Shuyler.

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  1. Great photo album. well done clear pictures. I hope these photoshoots can be a regular on the blog occasionally, for different events and activities. Also thanks to Wendy for publishing them. L L

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