Beacon Mountain Playground almost ready for Saturday dedication

Among the many activities planned for Saturday’s Jefferson Park Jubilee is the grand opening of the new Beacon Mountain Playground. The BHB visited the nearly-finished playground yesterday to see the views from the new view decks and even try out one of the slides. Here are some photos of the playground. (All photos by Wendi Dunlap.)

The two slides in the playground are surrounded by a soft, bouncy, rubbery surface for safety.
The playground has a view platform.
The railing of the view platform.
Looking down from the top of the tallest slide.
There will be ziplines here.

Last but not least, here’s a video taken while going down the tall slide at the playground:

One thought on “Beacon Mountain Playground almost ready for Saturday dedication”

  1. Great Views of a beautiful development from Seattle Parks and Recreation and others.
    Let Lake Vulcan and the Amazonians have their park all practically surrounded with concrete !
    Soon to have more concrete 400 feet high.

    Let’s see them have the likes of a Jefferson Park Jubilee, never happen ! Hmm, well they could
    call it The Lake Vulcan Jubilee ! Why build a skybridge between buildings , a zip line would be more fun 400 feet up ! Or better yet between those buildings to those proposed in the downtown
    Denny Triangle. Now that’s a real nightmare !

    At any rate , I for one, and all Beacon Hillers must be proud of our Jefferson Park and all those
    Who worked on it,including the volunteers , toward the Jubilee. But wait ,there’s more! With more progress to come with 2 new establishments to open soon. The Oak and the Tippe & Drague (apologies if misspelled) restaurant/bars. Did I miss anything ?

    Further the amazing Food Forest to come , wherein it’s Fame has been noted by many other cities. It will be another asset to Beacon Hill. Try that in Amazonia.

    PS: Thanks to Wendi for the great pics .

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