Progress at the Tippe and Drague

The new alehouse on Beacon Avenue must be getting a bit closer to opening. The new “Tippe and Drague” sign is painted on the front of the building, and the interior is looking pretty close to completion. At least one subset of customers is already getting served there — neighborhood dogs can drink from the doggie dish outside the door.

Photo by Susan Sanders.
Shiny and new. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
The interior looks like it will have a warm and cozy feel. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
Dogs are welcome to drink up. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.

25 thoughts on “Progress at the Tippe and Drague”

  1. Latest news on the Oak is that the owners are feeling pretty hopeful based on their contacts at the LCB, but no decision has been made yet. I check the new licenses every day and it’s really kind of crazy how long this decision is taking.

  2. Seriously looking forward to it. I hope the hours will be somewhat expansive; living one block over I’d love to stop in for a drink before retiring for the evening.

  3. I must have chatted with Melissa and Robert for an hour the other day (my boyfriend, Gregg, and I stopped in on our way to El Quetzel from the Jefferson Park Jubilee (They were all out of food! Guess that’s a good sign!).

    Melissa was kind enough to invite us in, as I was in a state of complete shock after finally getting a glimpse of the transformation of “my” sweet little ROCKiT “space.” As a gal who knows and loves the space, I can say without hesitation those two have done an amazing job with the interior redesign. It looks gorgeous in there. They’ve got two bathrooms now, one of them is ADA accessible, the paint and decorative touches are warm, inviting and charming.

    I cannot wait to give these guys my business! They seem to truly love Beacon Hill and the community they have adopted. I wish them all the best of luck!

  4. Yes ,great decor and exterior colors with the T and G.
    The mighty Oak is looking great too, the gray and blue exteriors are a nice match.
    I’m sure both establishments will be mobbed during their opening days, which can’t come too

    Beacon Hill needs more progressive businesses willing to take the risk of locating on the Hill.
    It is not easy finding suitable properties to invest in.
    Part of the problem is that property owners want to keep the old status quo, which keeps the Hill from progressing .

    Further the Jefferson Park Jubilee brought home to many, what the City can do. Seattle Parks and Recreation made a wonderful transformation, with more to come with the plans for the Food Forest.

    Now if we can just get the City to wake up to other needs such as making South Seattle neighborhoods safer, it will benefit us all.

  5. Apparently from the great T and G interior pics it appears some of the seating look like church pews LOL. while we don’t know what a food menu will be ,I hope there will be separate tables.
    The mighty Oak seems more disposed to including food in what we have learned from snippits of information. At any rate, again , we are all awaiting the Grand Openings of both.

    Someone had mentioned “hope there’s no shootings” there. I for one am secure in the fact that
    these are first class establishments in a different context of “bars” that first, will have a more family oriented combination of customers unlike some SODO and Belltown establishments. Further, the owners have learned from experience even on Capitol Hill , to run a “tight ship” as they say in the Navy.

    Maybe I’ll bring a sleeping bag and camp out for the opening daze. With my luck I’d get trampled, LOL.
    PS: in my early younger and dumber days I owned 2 bars, but that’s another story. You can bet the WSLCB will be watching these new establishments for underage and also “over poured” imbibers which can carry closing for weeks to permanent loss of licensing. I was ok ,as my inspector in those kinder gentler days ,had a little office across the street from one of my beer emporiums..LOL

  6. It is pronounced simply “tip and drag.” Concerning our menu, I will pass along this: we will not have a fryer.

  7. DeeDee, I’ve been meaning to look up the meaning and pronunciation of Tippe and Drague for some time now, and never remember to do it. Well, I just finally did, and I have to say, I think I have the pronunciation down (more or less), but the meaning is still unclear to me. Guess we’ll have to ask the owners! As far as I can tell, “tippe” is pronounced “tip” and “drague” in “American” would be “drag” or more like “drog,” not sure which is more correct. But I think I’m on the right track.

    As far as the meaning is concerned, here’s a little blurb in the Stranger about it:

  8. True ,Robert, but the rag has plenty of advertisers ,I think they approach ” The Back Page” type advertising we have heard about in other tabloids , selling sex ads,etc.

    I note our little Beacon Hill City Living paper will only be publishing once a month instead of weekly beginning in August So the July 25th issue will not be published I am told. It will be missed.

    Well, Tippe and Drague sound so London to me. Apparently with no deep fryer, we won’t be getting fish and chips LOL . We await both Bar/lounge/restaurants openings with a great mystic.

  9. It doesn’t give a specific date, but Seattle Beer Blog is reporting that Tippe & Drague opens next week. WooHoo!!

  10. Great to hear, I can appreciate the work done and time usd to transform a “room” into an attractive
    new Bar/restaurant.

    I and many are also awaiting the Grand Opening of the mighty OAK. I recently looked through a “peephole” in a window. It appears ready, but with a lot of clean up to be done. I know all enthusiasts await the Grand Openings.

    Further ,I feel most who are not approving of these new establishments will come around to see these are not the rowdy bars of SODO and Bell Town. HURRY WITH THE OPENINGS YET !

    LENNY, N B H.
    PS: The #36 bus practically stops at the doors, The #60 close.

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