Presentation on Plaza Roberto Maestas project planned for Saturday

This preliminary design shows a possible plaza in the PRM development project.

After the Beacon Hill Merchants Association annual meeting this Saturday, July 21, there will be a presentation about the Plaza Roberto Maestas – Beloved Community (PRM) development being planned for the south lot at El Centro de la Raza. The presentation will include time to give feedback and ask questions about the project, as well as to discuss the retail spaces and business opportunities that the project will provide. The meeting is at Kusina Filipina (3201 Beacon Ave. S.), and the presentation, which is open to the public, is expected to start about 1 p.m.

El Centro de la Raza and the North Beacon Hill Council co-hosted a public meeting on June 19 to discuss preliminary designs for the project. Over 60 people came out to the meeting to ask questions and give feedback about the early design ideas (see photos of the meeting here). You can read notes from the meeting here (PDF) and see a PowerPoint presentation about the project here.

The images shown on this page give an idea of the type of development that is being considered, but the project is very early in the design process and still subject to much potential change. Community feedback is vital at this stage to shape the future of the development.

This preliminary view is from Beacon Avenue on the southwest side of the project.
This preliminary view is from the corner of 17th and Roberto Maestas Festival Street on the southeast side of the project.

16 thoughts on “Presentation on Plaza Roberto Maestas project planned for Saturday”

  1. looking at the wish list these people will be broke about half way through this project. they need to simply that list badly as well as broaden its cultural inclusivity i would be pretty pissed if my tax money prohibited non Latino people from living somewhere ,there is some garbage about a building for singles+elders and one for families, the fuck?

    Then there is cliched environmental crap “oh lets put solar on” hey you unintelligent fuckers how about you orientate the building and use good materials first then add solar arrays later and ditch the poisonous CFL’s altogether. At least the Latinos are willing to forgo dishwashers as long as were at it get rid of garbage disposals and add a compost stations.

    Also Hardwood floors? maybe they need some faux stainless steel appliances and granite while there at it, this is low income housing which is increasing looking like it will receive tax payer funding; fuck no they can have the latest environmentally friendly laminates or bamboo and standard white appliances.

  2. also wendi when you have a chance could you post larger versions of the pictures of the buildings?

  3. Hi Folks: As the development consultant on this project, I just want to clarify that the notes from the June 19th meeting are just that – notes of ALL the feedback we got. It doesn’t mean that every comment will be incorporated into the project. We are in the stage of listening as much as we can, so that we understand community desires for the project. Obviously, there will be some things we cannot afford and some things that may not make sense for the project. But it is our feeling that sometimes some of the best ideas for projects like this come from the people who will use the spaces and rent apartments there.

    Also, like all housing in Seattle (and the US), this property will be subject to Fair Housing Law, meaning anyone can apply to live here. El Centro desires that this be a place for all people, no matter racial or ethnic background so this is no way is a project that will only be for one ethnic or racial group. As a “Beloved Community” project, El Centro is seeking to create a place that is both a project that reflects their history and culture as an organization AND serves as a “Town Center” development for everyone in the Beacon Hill community. The core of the project is about bringing people together. Lastly, the apartments are aimed to be affordable to a range of people who make between 30% and 80% Area Median Income, or roughly $25,000 to $70,000 for a family of four, to provide a range of opportunities for low- to moderate-income folks to live near transit on Beacon Hill. I can be contacted at should anyone have any questions.
    -Kate de la Garza

  4. Also, we expect to have another large community meeting again in August before Design Review starts on PRM.

    The meeting with the Merchants on Saturday will primarily be focused on our retail and business opportunities here and how we can partner on the revitalization plan for the Beacon Hill Business District. While it is the Merchants Annual Meeting, they have been kind enough to welcome anyone passionate about the business district and these issues!

  5. I apologize — I could have made it clearer that those notes were community comments from the meeting.

    Monster, please be civil. Some folks would rather have a discussion here without the aggression.

  6. I like it. I especially like that they are considering “real” balconies – the kind you can actually put a chair out on and enjoy the outdoors. Those shallow balconies are a waste.

    And I would leave the micromanaging (finishes, appliances, light bulbs) to the professionals who actually know what they are doing – not just spewing some nonsense they read on a whackadoodle website. But that’s just me.

  7. Lots of people were actively commenting on this blog before you started doing it, Monster. Unless you’re a long-timer who has decided to take on the persona of a troll for some reason.

  8. No, Monster, your comment were crass, stereotyping, and illegible. Almost as illegible as the public comments from the meeting that you were commenting on, but that’s to be expected, as the audience at those things is usually at least 50% crackpot. I don’t know how the organizers of public meetings can keep a straight face half the time. But that’s the Seattle way.

  9. alas I agree with you hill resident. that being said calling for pragmatic practicality is more realistic and acting as a better community steward then what most of those other crackpots were asking for

  10. I amam trying toto orient myself withw/an the proposalday drawings. Is “Roberto Maestas Festival Street” the one currently called Lander, or is it something else? So sorry I missed the meeting. Clearly this housing development will have a massive impact on our community, as it is the first of its kind and the first thing you will see upon getting off the light rail.

  11. If you get off the rail facing the grocery station and take a right you will see the west face of the building

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