Birdhouse Tour wows the crowd at Jefferson Skatepark

Photo by Furchin.

A ton of people showed up at Jefferson Park yesterday for Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse tour skateboard demo at the Jefferson skatepark. It was a cheery, carnival atmosphere—there were vendors selling yo-yos, camera equipment, skating equipment, and food and drink. There was a lot of excitement in the air as kids of all ages waited to see professional skaters on the new Jefferson skatepark bowls.

People were lined up two or three deep all the way around the bowls. There were kids ranging from age two or three, right on up to grownups older than Hawk himself. Though it was crowded, people seemed pretty cheerful about it.

The skating was impressive, generating oohs and ahs from the crowd like fireworks on the Fourth of July. The weather couldn’t have been better. After some of the tough times Beacon Hill has had in the last couple of weeks, it was nice to have this.

Neighbor Furchin was there and took some truly amazing photos for the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr. See some of them here on this page, and do check out the rest at the photo pool. Thanks to Furchin for going above and beyond for these, and for adding them to the pool so we could show them to you here.

Photo by Furchin.
Photo by Furchin.
Photo by Furchin.
The man of the hour meeting members of the audience. Photo by Furchin.

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  1. Great pics of one of the many programs or venues to come to the “new” Jefferson Park.
    We can thank Seattle Parks and Recreation ,their designers and contractors, all made possible due to the levy passed by us voters a few years back. Congratulations to all of us !

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