Updated: Have you seen Shadow?

Shadow lounging on her kitty tree. (We apologize for the quality of the photo. This was the only photo Matthew had.)
Update, late Tuesday night: Shadow is found! Matthew says: “I found her mewing outside about four feet up a bush around ten o’clock tonight.”

Have you seen Shadow? Shadow is a spayed, indoor kitty who made an escape from an apartment window at 17th Avenue South and South Stevens today. She is a very friendly kitty, about 2 1/2 years old and 5-6 pounds. She does have a microchip.

If you find her or have seen her, call Matthew at 206-877-3059.

2 thoughts on “Updated: Have you seen Shadow?”

  1. SO happy there was a happy ending to this story! With all the coyote sightings, and all the missing pet posters around the neighborhood, I was worried about the little cow-hued cutie. 🙂

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