Armed robbers strike on South Waite Street

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A neighbor wrote in to describe a strong-arm robbery she experienced last week:

Last Wednesday evening, August 15th, at 10:15 p.m., a friend and I were assaulted and robbed by two armed assailants as we talked in the street on Waite Street between 21st and 22nd Avenues South. Both men were African-American, approximately 6 feet tall and heavy-set, maybe 220 to 240 pounds. One man grabbed my purse from behind me; I initially held on because I did not realize they had weapons. I was thrown to the ground and kicked in the head; my friend was forced to the ground and his wallet was taken. The two robbers then ran west on Waite and around the corner on 21st to a waiting car which sped off. We were assisted by a couple out for a walk who saw the men running away and then saw us on the ground. Police were called, reports were made, but the suspects were not found.

I wanted to let my community know about this so they could be more vigilant to the possibility of this level of random and serious violence. I work downtown, lived in the Central District prior to moving to Beacon Hill 5 years ago, and am normally very aware of my surroundings. I feel I let my guard down because I did not expect this type of crime in bucolic residential Beacon Hill. It was not terribly late at night, I was with a male companion and I was feet from my back door. The officers who responded said they have seen an uptick in crime on Beacon Hill, especially stolen cars, home break-ins, and armed assaults.

I post this as a reminder to all my wonderful neighbors and all who live in our great area to take precautions, stay aware, and look out for each other. Thank you.

According to the police report about the incident, the robbers may have driven west on Waite Street past the victims in a light-colored (possibly silver) car just before the robbery. The robbers then approached the victims from the west, and after the crime, ran to the getaway car around the corner on 21st.

5 thoughts on “Armed robbers strike on South Waite Street”

  1. This really is scary as it is across the street from me. Now I am trying to remember what the heck I was doing at that time last week.

  2. Well, we can only be so careful, or so safe. Perhaps not carry anything visible, only our ID ‘s , if that icludes a wallet also perhaps with no other information or money in it.
    We cannot let the hoods ruin our lives by scaring us out of our freedom. That may not be easy to say if one has been attacked.
    It takes grit to go out again and do the same things one normally would do. It would for me.

    There’s no end to things that can happen. A friend of mine came in the house, laid a bag of pet food and her cell phone on the kitchen table ,then went Into another room . When returning , the phone and pet food were gone, apparently through an unlocked glass door, intruders spotted it.

    Again, we can only be aware of surroundings to a point, but we must be. Be safe.


  3. KIRO had a report last night that there has been a string of robberies on Beacon Hill.

    In the report as they aired it last night, they also said that robbers are taking purses as well as jewelry. I was robbed last week, and a shoulder bag was taken from me. It happened mid-morning, on Beacon Avenue near the golf course. It was two young African-American men; they came up behind me, grabbed the bag, and ran. I reported it to the police, but I wonder how many people this has happened to who didn’t report it.

    I’ve lived on Beacon Hill forever, and I am always aware of my surroundings and who’s around me, but this is the first time I’ve been afraid to walk around in my own neighborhood during the day. I’ve not been out walking much since it happened, and I don’t know when I’ll feel safe enough to do so on a regular basis.

  4. Well I for one will be watching more carefully than before and taking my dog with me when I can walking about. She doesn’t like suspicous people and yes she can tell the difference and go from puppy to don’t mess with me pretty quick.

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