The Tippe and Drague is open

The Tippe and Drague as it looked in July, before opening. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.

The Tippe and Drague neighborhood pub at 3315 Beacon Ave. S. opened for business this afternoon. When we went by to check it out, there was a cheerful crowd within ordering beer and food, and watching football on TV. The kitchen won’t have a fryer, so the menu consists of sandwiches and salads, including a very evil grilled peanut butter and Nutella sandwich (with optional bacon). There is also fresh popped popcorn—the popcorn machine was formerly installed at the Columbia City Cinema.

You can see the beer list on their website.

Owner Melissa told us that the pub has hired several Beacon Hill neighbors as staff, so the business has not only brought food and drink to the Hill, it’s also brought a few jobs.

2 thoughts on “The Tippe and Drague is open”

  1. Had drinks and snacks with friends last night–great service, great ambience, great food and drink! Tippe and Drague gets two thumbs up from this gal and three other BeHi veterans. 🙂

  2. Went out to Tippe and Drague last night for beers and dinner. They have done a beautiful job with the interior. Very welcoming and pleasant place. The chicken sandwich was awesome. Next time the Reuben! So happy and excited to have them in the neighborhood! Check it out folks!

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