New bicycle parking at Red Apple

Jumping for joy at the Red Apple’s new bike corral. Photo provided by Dylan Ahearn.
Dylan Ahearn of Beacon BIKES sent us a celebratory announcement and photo:

“It is the small things that count.

“After months of persistent effort, hours of off-the-cuff design work, and even construction management, out own Ryan Harrison has, with the gracious support of our friends at the Beacon Merchants Association and Red Apple, succeeded in shepherding the construction of a sweet new bike corral at Red Apple. As you can see from the attached photo we are jumping for joy up on Beacon Hill.

“Way to go Ryan for all the hard work, the Beacon Merchants Association for supplying a $500 grant, and Red Apple for footing the rest of the bill.

“Ryan has all the details if you want more.

“Show the Apple some love and roll in soon for your next shopping trip.”

10 thoughts on “New bicycle parking at Red Apple”

  1. Oh thank you!! I will never forget the first time I rode to the Apple… there was already a bike in the corral against the side of the building, and by the time I exited my bike was buried! Thanks to all!!

  2. thank you all so much.
    I live 7 blocks away and always want to pop down on my bike but was always deterred by having no where to lock up (if one bike should already be there).
    Way to build community

  3. Good news! I’m halfway between QFC Rainier and Red Apple, and I prefer riding downhill with the groceries, so the Apple should be better, but man, that old parking sucked!

  4. I love that this bike rack is there. It might benefit from some signage to explain it though — I keep seeing shopping carts parked in it.

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