Have you seen Dora?

There have been a lot of lost pets in the neighborhood lately. Here’s one.

Neighbor Heidi writes:

Our cat went missing yesterday afternoon and I’m hoping one of our neighbors has seen her or has information. She’s a pretty common looking brown tabby with white chest and white front feet. Her name is Dora. She’s a bit skittish with strangers, never strays more than a house away and has never been gone more than a few hours. She’s not the kind to get lost, or curious enough to get locked in a garage or something either, so we’re worried. She doesn’t wear a collar or tags, but is micro-chipped. We’re at 19th and Lander area.

If you have seen her or know anything, call 206-322-4503.

3 thoughts on “Have you seen Dora?”

  1. A neighbor called us last night (Mon 10/1) to say they thought they saw her near 17th & Holgate. If you live near there, please be on the lookout. She ran into the huge bushes/forested area there. And if you get a chance to take a cell phone pic, that would be incredibly helpful too, so we’re not chasing somebody else’s cat. Thank you for all being so kind!

  2. Update Wed am (10/3): Thanks so much to all the neighbors who have been watching and calling with tips. It’s so much appreciated.

    The cat at 18th/19th and Bayview area that has the exact same description is NOT our cat. After searching last night, we found that one, and she does look almost the same. But alas, not ours. Still waiting and hoping.

  3. (Posting this here and on my original missing post from 9/28): Dora came home today!!! Eleven. freaking. days. The agony was excruciating, but at least there is a happy ending. I will head out tomorrow to rip down all the fliers, but if you see one I missed (I can’t remember all of them?) please feel free to rip it off the phone pole too. And thanks for everyone’s helpful tips and kind thoughts. The one silver lining is getting to know all our neighbors/community better!

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