Have you seen Salvador?

Neighbor Alice writes in about another lost pet:

We just moved to the neighborhood a week ago, and it seems that Salvador’s explorations must have gotten him lost. He’s a large, gray, very friendly male (neutered) cat, with a notched ear. He’s usually very social and outgoing, but my guess (my hope!) is that right now he’s cowering in someone’s garage, unsure how to get home … Let us know if you’ve seen him or know anything. He’s not micro-chipped. Thanks! Alice & Rob, 206-753-8667

4 thoughts on “Have you seen Salvador?”

  1. We’ve been out looking for our lost cat, and haven’t seen him yet. But where are you located? We’ll keep an extra eye out for him. If you are looking too, see my post about Dora below from 9/28, and let me know if you catch a glimpse of her too. Hope he makes it back quick!

  2. where are you located? It was dark, but last night I saw a cat that might have been yours in the alley behind my house (behind the Delite Bakery) on 15th & Lander. It looked like a good size cat and the coloring looked dark but it was hard to tell. Never seen it around here before though.

  3. (Posting this here and on my original missing post from 9/28): Dora came home today!!! Eleven. freaking. days. The agony was excruciating, but at least there is a happy ending. I will head out tomorrow to rip down all the fliers, but if you see one I missed (I can’t remember all of them?) please feel free to rip it off the phone pole too. And thanks for everyone’s helpful tips and kind thoughts. The one silver lining is getting to know all our neighbors/community better!

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