Beacon Ave Sandwiches coming soon to former Luisa Taqueria space

As of earlier this month, the “Grand Opening” sign was still up in front of the former Luisa Taqueria — now being remodeled into Beacon Ave Sandwiches. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.

The space at the intersection of 15th and Beacon, where Luisa Taqueria opened for business but then closed for good only a few months ago, will soon reopen — this time, as a sandwich shop/deli: “Beacon Ave Sandwiches.”

Luis and Leona, owners of The Station coffee shop, will be opening the new shop later this year. Luis told the Beacon Hill Blog that the store will be “like something that would have been on Beacon Hill in the 1920s,” a place where customers can purchase sandwiches but also meats and cheeses by the pound.

Luis told the BHB he has a lot of ideas in mind for Beacon Ave Sandwiches, including sandwich names based on local landmarks and references. In a post on the Beacon Hill Blog Facebook page, he asks for “serious” suggestions from the community.

In just a bit over a year, North Beacon Hill has acquired an Italian restaurant, an Indian restaurant, two pubs (you can now get a burger without leaving the Hill!), and a taco trailer. Soon, these will be joined by the new sandwich shop. Things are changing rapidly in the neighborhood, aren’t they? After all these changes, what do you think we still need here on the Hill? Tell us in the comments.

31 thoughts on “Beacon Ave Sandwiches coming soon to former Luisa Taqueria space”

  1. Healthclub and Indian restaurant name are also great ideas. How about a good teriyaki or pho place as well.

  2. @mimi: The Indian restaurant is Traveler’s Thali House at 2524 Beacon Ave S and is considered by many to be the best Indian food in Seattle.

  3. I think we need a place for breakfast. Geraldines is awesome except that it’s in Columbia City…

  4. Hi folks… sorry that some of your comments didn’t show up until now. It was my mistake. They are all visible now!

    Jonis, I agree that an ice cream shop would be very cool here!

  5. A new version of the Beacon Pub or something similarly exclusive to over-21 would be great. While I do appreciate that the new places (T&D and The Oak) are at least partially all-ages and I can take my family for a meal, I also appreciate the value of a kid-free pub/bar with at least some space for a small band to play and maybe darts, pinball, etc. I think the neighborhood could support both.

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