Have you seen Messi?

Have you seen this kitty?
Have you seen this kitty?
Neighbor Krystyn writes:

Our cat has been missing since the night of Friday, March 22nd from our yard on North Beacon Hill at the corner of 18th Ave S and S Holgate St. He is a 1 year old, short-haired, tabby striped bobtail. Think bobcat or lynx look-a-like. If you live in the area, can you check your garage, basement or garden shed? Please call if you have seen him. He is afraid of strangers and will run away if you try to catch him. Thank you! We miss Messi.

If you can help, call Mike at 206-658-5169.

6 thoughts on “Have you seen Messi?”

  1. I just saw a very similar looking cat cross 15th Ave (headed east) as I was turning onto Stevens. By the time I turned my car around, the cat moved on. Not sure if it was Messi, but wanted to share just in case.

  2. Thank you for all out there looking for Messi. He was also spotted in a backyard on 18th betw Forest and Stevens on Sunday 3/24. Please call me if you have more recent sightings. We live several blocks north on 18th and believe he is very disoriented being so far from home – Kristyn 327-0324

  3. Hi, So sorry that you have lost your kitty(I have recently lost my pet and did a big search to find), please let me know if there is any way I can help. I would be able to help search the neighborhood trying to spot him via bicycle or jogging. I live in central Beacon Hill and could search after work tonight or later depending on how successful your search is. I ride my bike through that area twice a day and will keep an eye out 206-931-9078 Good Luck, Brett

  4. Brett,

    Thanks, I may call you and take you up on your offer. I am headed up to that area now to do some door knocking while people are outside in the nice weather. We also got a fairly confident sighting from Sunday morning on 18th Ave S between Stevens and Forest so the two sightings are only 3 blocks apart.

    Thanks again to everyone who is keeping their eye out for Messi

    Mike 658-5169

  5. Mike, I looked last night in the area of 18th and Holgate, I will look tonight at the new area near Forest and Stevens (I did see your poster there) unless there are any updates. Keep posting posters and talking with neighbors, You just need one lucky break. Brett

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