SCCC plans for Pac Med still up in the air

As the Seattle Times reported on Monday, the plan for Seattle Central Community College to move programs into the Pac Med building is in no way a done deal.

For the move to take place, the state Senate and House much must reach a budget deal to fund renovations to the landmark building, now officially called Pacific Tower and mostly vacant since Amazon moved out in 2011. The House capital budget allocates money for the project, but the Senate does not have a matching measure. Time is running out — the legislative session ends on Sunday.

If the plan falls through, the Times reports that a developer has proposed converting the building to high-priced apartments. Either way, the building’s owner, the Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development Authority (PDA), needs to get a tenant in there sooner, rather than later. The PDA normally uses income from leasing the building to provide grants to nonprofit organizations providing charity health services.

If you feel strongly either way about the college leasing Pac Med, now is the time to contact your State legislators who represent Beacon Hill:

Adam Kline, Senate, 37th District; Bob Hasegawa, Senate, 11th District; Sharon Tomiko Santos, House, 37th District; Eric Pettigrew, House, 37th District; Zack Hudgins, House, 11th District; Steve Bergquist, House, 11th District.

4 thoughts on “SCCC plans for Pac Med still up in the air”

  1. First, many thanks to Wendi for her message and getting all the information correct.
    The Legislature takes another siesta Sunday,I hope we can get the attention of our local legislators and get them to act toward progress for our beautiful PAC Med Building.
    There is a second choice in that a developer may take over as Wendi said, to redo the building for prestigious apartments. Best wishes toward PHPDA that They will land one of these projects. What a plus for our Beacon Hill Community !

  2. I sure hope they go for the prestigious apartments, would be great for the neighborhood. Even better if they are for sale.

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