Mother’s Day parade marches on Saturday, 5/11

We don’t get a lot of parades on Beacon Hill, but this Saturday, May 11, a Mother’s Day parade will start at Stevens Place Park (otherwise known as the triangle park) at 2 p.m. and parade for about six blocks, ending at Roberto Maestes Festival Street next to Beacon Hill Station.

According to the organizers, the parade is all-ages fun, with this message:

Honor moms and highlight the need for:

  • Comprehensive state-funded childcare for working and poor families
  • End domestic violence – Free Marissa Alexander
  • Stop deportations – Keep immigrant families together
  • Increase funding for jobs, public schools, Social Security and human services
  • Tax the rich – End U.S. militarism

All who want to participate are welcome, and should gather at Stevens Place Park at Beacon Avenue South and South Stevens at 1:30 p.m. Bring strollers, tricycles, banners, signs and festive attire. The event will also feature an information fair, speakers, face-painting, balloons and music.

The parade is sponsored by Sisters Organize for Survival and the Pacific Northwest Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander. For more information, contact Helen Gilbert at (206)722-6057, or at

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day parade marches on Saturday, 5/11”

  1. Wow. I can’t imagine a more offensive use of mothers and kids as propaganda for this no-fun event.

    Is there deportation because of illegal aliens?
    I am against illegal immigrants stealing the resources paid for by legal immigrants. It seems wrong the taxpayers (like mine who already have to find ways to budget & provide for their own families) should subsidize child care (or provide jobs?) for those who can’t seem to make responsible financial decisions on their own? Do you realize how much of the tax burden is carried by rich people (I am not one of them, but I can read statistics). And what does hating US military action (so that you can drive your car and live comfortably) have to do with taxing the rich, or for that matter, moms & kids?

    By the way, 6 blocks? Will anybody notice? Perhaps you aren’t expecting too many people.

    Calling this a “parade” also seems manipulative and deceiving. It seems abusive to get kids involved. Are you trying to teach kids it is OK to become dependent on others and march the streets if you don’t get what you want? Seems like you’re telling them they can always act like kids, actually.

    I stand with you firmly against domestic violence, however. Cut out these other garbage and shameful causes and I’ll join you Saturday.

  2. Agreed. I’m not arguing the validity of the issues presented. Just saying this being labeled as a ‘parade’ is incredibly misleading.

  3. This was a fun event.

    I’m blown away anyone would consider it abusive to kids. Welcoming events to kids is a way to include those who lack childcare AND a way to show kids how their parents engage with the community. My kid was excited to go. All the kids I saw were happy to be there & enjoyed balloons, face painting and bike decorating.

    The parade was six blocks because there were kids (and others) who wouldn’t have been able to walk further. It was accessible and welcoming.

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