Beaconian tells tale of two robberies

Image by Anders Sandberg via Creative Commons/Flickr.
The Stranger has an article this week by Tobias Coughlin-Bogue: “Mugged at Gunpoint on Beacon Hill.” In the article, Coughlin-Bogue describes being robbed twice on North Beacon Hill, and his thoughts on revenge and gun ownership.

“About two blocks into our trek, a cop rolled by, and we flagged him down. He made a very unconvincing effort to track our assailants, giving the distinct impression that he believed our cause lost from the get-go. He also made sure to let us know, “If they tried to rob me, I would have pulled out my gun and asked them, ‘How badly do you want my stuff?'” I wasn’t in the mood to point out how incredibly foolish that statement was, so I just let it slide, borrowed his cell phone to get ahold of our roommate so we could get into the house, and let him drive us home.”

Have you been mugged on the Hill? Do you feel the police response was adequate? And what do you do to stay safe when walking around?

4 thoughts on “Beaconian tells tale of two robberies”

  1. Sadly enough I have not been walking around beacon hill lately. While I enjoy living here, I choose to spend my time elsewhere where I feel safer walking around. As a community we need to search for solutions to this problem and watch out for our neighbors more.

  2. Not walking around the Hill makes it less safe for everyone. The more eyes on the street, the better. If neighbors had been walking by and saw the thieves trying to kick in the door and then break the window, things might have gone differently. Please, walk around Beacon Hill more and more. Bring friends, if you like.

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