Mysterious graffiti gives neighbors jitters

Photo by Reis O'Brien.
This odd symbol has appeared recently on 15th Ave. S. Photo by Reis O’Brien.
Neighbor Reis sent this query to the Beacon Hill Blog Facebook page:

“Hi all. I realize that this is about to sound very paranoid, but my neighbors and I have been noticing these strange symbols appearing on our houses/steps on our street (15th, between McClellan and Spokane).

“Each symbol is written in chalk and all seem to be placed in what seems to be very specific spots on each property (not like a tag, more like a sign). More appear every day.

“Yes, these could just be some very poorly done tag, but we’ve heard stories about symbols on houses used by homeless/burglars/hackers to signify information (open wi-fi, no alarm system, etc.).

“I know this sounds crazy, but I just thought people should be on the lookout for this sort of thing on their property.

“If anyone knows what this symbol may mean (if it means anything at all), please let us know.”

Another neighbor, Stephanie, says “My neighbor keeps getting these on his steps and has been broken into twice. And they seem to be on a few different houses along 15th but only on the east side of the street, between Spokane and McClellan.”

We checked it out and, yes, there are symbols chalked along 15th in front of the houses. However, the symbol is also chalked on a random sale sign tacked to a post south of Spokane Street, next to Jefferson Park and not near any homes at all. Most likely it is just a tag, somewhat reminiscent of the old Dead Kennedys logo (which, according to Jello Biafra, was intended to be “something simple and easy to spray-paint so people would graffiti it all over the place”). If anyone knows otherwise, let us know.

12 thoughts on “Mysterious graffiti gives neighbors jitters”

  1. Yes, tagger signs can mean different things. I have been an advocate to delete this signs particularly along north 15 th . So, around the MTS trail and the parks. The latest “sign” is a chalk “sunburst ” in several places, others are names or weird combinations which may be gang signs or not. Many are paint or markers that can be removed with a solvent. It is amazing to me how high up the markings are on posts or signs, probably requiring a step stool etc. Neighbors should try to get ridof the tags too.
    There is some vandalism along the Sturgus St pMTS trail, with directional aluminum signs being torn off. @#%€& jackasses !

  2. I spotted this on my driveway concrete wall several days ago and it was an easy SIMPLE GREEN solution and a brush to remove.

  3. Yes , Walter had the same round “sunburst” chalk tag seen on posts on lower 15th So. Another jackass writes “inane” on posts and signs , Then there are unintelligible scribbles that have no meaning to normal people. Another tag type thing is to leave label stickers all over ( easy to peel off). Many taggers use spray paint ,not so easy to erase except with solvents of some type.All neighbors should try to rub out noticed tags, even if only partially to delete the tag so it has no meaning. We can’t let the gangs or taggers win !

  4. after eliminating the blue chalk sunburst one earlier in the week, I
    found a pink one today on a boulder on the same property. i was tempted to put out one of those wildlife cameras triggered by motion.

    i tried searching the web for chalk burst tags but did not come across any similar image yet

  5. I spotted one of these chalk symbols on a on a wall on 2nd Ave today near pine street on my way to work today. very weird.

  6. Nothing (crazy) about your inquiry . Who ever this is, really gets around, whether it’s one person or not. As stated previously they appear on light poles and other surfaces along The north end of 15th. So. So far in blue or yellow chalk. easily erased with water.
    Further, erase them or any tag signs you see, albeit these jerks do use big “Magic Markers” or spray cans.
    We are not alone, when seeing walls or signs in foreign countries, there they are !

  7. Homeless, hackers, burglars… am I actually the only one here whose mind immediately leapt to doomsday cultists who work at a chalk factory? 😉

  8. Neighbors need to do what they can to erase the chalk and other tags, they may only have a meaning to the tagger, or gang territorial signs. The chalk marks can be erased with a wet paper towel, the spray painted ones need a solvent.

  9. 9 or so years ago my house near 12th and Hill st. was burgalized. Days after the event I noticed this same ‘sunburst’ tag done in pencil on the fence gate post leading to my front door in 3 places. Each was very subtle and no bigger than a nickle and not as obvious as what is being seen recently. Neighbors had seen a woman knocking on my door over multiple weekdays days, late morning-noonish (while we were at work). It is my assumption the marks were related to the burgalry and they were a message of some sort indacating a susccessful knock with no one home. Creepy.

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