Greenway survey needs your opinions

Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
Beacon BIKES (Better Infrastructure Keeps Everyone Safe) are doing a survey about bike and pedestrian safety on and around the Beacon Hill Greenway, and your opinions are needed.

It’s not just for cyclists, but for anyone who uses the sidewalks and streets of Beacon Hill, whether it be on foot or any type of wheels. Survey results will be shared with the Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Police Department to contribute to future policies.

Find the survey at this link.

8 thoughts on “Greenway survey needs your opinions”

  1. Yes. This is the correct link Brook. Thank you and everyone that has contributed so far! Keep it coming as the survey will close the evening of Monday the 16th.

  2. Thanks for that Wendi.
    Also, there has been confusion with Q1 beginning “What is your biggest intersection safety concern…?”. This is asking for a specific intersection that you think is unsafe and for what reason.

  3. Why go through a middleman with your concerns? Call or send your comments directly to SDOT, SPD and the City Council:

    Peter Hahn – SDOT Director – 206-684-5000,

    Tracy Krawczyk – Director of SDOT Policy and Planning Division – 206-733-9329,

    Sandra Woods – Program Supervisor for Bicycle and Pedestrian Program – 206-733-9408,

    Dongho Chang – Chief Traffic Engineer – 206-684-5106,

    Brian dePlace – Right of Way Manager – 206-233-3855,

    Jim Curtin – Traffic Safety Coordinator – 206-684-8874,

    Chief Jim Pugel – 206-684-5577 email contact via Executive Assistant Shannon Sharpe (206- 233-0094)

    Lt. Mark Kuehn – 206-684-4962,

    Seattle City Council Transportation Committee:
    Tom Rasmussen – 206-684-8808,
    Bruce Harrell – 206-684-8804,
    Jean Godden – 206-684-8807,
    Tim Burgess – 206-684-8806,

    For comments/concerns about the Greenway: Sally Bagshaw – 206-684-8801,

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