Beacon Hill, the video star

On Sunday, October 20, Stevens Place Park (the triangle park at Beacon and Stevens) will be the site of a video shoot for footage to be used in a Seattle Children’s Hospital benefit event.

Vossler Media Group of Kirkland will be shooting video of two couples meeting on the sidewalk in the park and on the sidewalk on the south side of Stevens Street between Beacon Avenue South and 17th Avenue South. According to a handout delivered to houses surrounding the park, there will be a crew of about 13 technicians and actors, and the shoot will take about five hours, from 1 to 6 p.m.

There will be some No Parking signs in place during the shoot, but there should be no blocking of residence access or vehicle traffic. Sound isn’t being recorded, so feel free to practice your tuba during the shoot. You probably shouldn’t photobomb them, however.

6 thoughts on “Beacon Hill, the video star”

  1. You probably shouldn’t photobomb them, however. OMG read this part and started to snort coffee out my nose!

  2. MMar, I spent some time thinking of ways to just be weird around the shooting. Like doing yardwork in a clown costume or something like that. It was fun to think about. 🙂

  3. Whoops! We drove through there and got massively glared at. *facepalm* Considering that the street wasn’t blocked off by the city, and we hadn’t heard of anything happening there (it’s only a couple of blocks away from us), we figured later it must have been just a bunch of indie-minded locals making a YouTube video or something.

    Note to other would-be filmographers: when Sierra Online filmed part of a live-action videogame at our house back in the day, they got city permission first, and a couple of extremely nice traffic safety officers showed up during the shoot, to keep cars from driving through the few outdoor scenes. 🙂

  4. Cindy, they did get a city permit, but it wasn’t necessary to close the street, and they told us they would not impede vehicle traffic. I watched them for a while and they did stop traffic for a moment in the middle of a take, but the rest of the time they seemed to be letting people through fine. They had folks out there to guide traffic at times.

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