“Just Another Day” pays tribute to the neighborhood

You’ll probably recognize most of the locations in the video for “Just Another Day” by emcees Gabriel Teodros, Mic Flont, and Ka.lil, vocalist Jill Laxamana and producer Uce Wayne. This updated version of Queen Latifah’s song is a tribute to Beacon Hill, featuring neighborhood landmarks including Red Apple, The Station, Jefferson Park and Fou Lee Market. The video was directed by Eric Miller and Mic Flont.

4 thoughts on ““Just Another Day” pays tribute to the neighborhood”

  1. I am not one for rap because I don’t like hearing the profanity, the N word, killing or sex but this was done very well. I really enjoyed watching this; multiple times. It was nice to see the neighborhood in a different light. The guys were telling a great story and Jill’s voice was angelic. My son wants to get into the music film industry, he is still in high school and has made one video in Columbia City for a class. He is going to love this. Nice job and thank you for sharing.

  2. Made me cry! I grew up on Beacon Hill, raised my Boys on Beacon Hill … the sound and the words resonant deep in my soul!

  3. “19th & Waite, just down from Centro – is where we use to go to – to play B-Ball with Roberto Maestas… all day long with nothing else to do, wither it was hot or wither it was cool we didn’t know the greatness Maestas was up to.”

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