Volunteer opportunities available for Franklin HS robotics team

xbot robotics, the 501c3 founded to bring STEM to the students of Southeast Seattle, and sustaining organization for the Franklin High School robotics team, is looking for volunteers for the fall program. Students meet Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at FHS/S. McClellan office and Saturdays at Microsoft Research. Experience working with high school students mandatory. Experience with designing scoring mechanisms, JAVA, FIRST robotics organization is a plus.

FHS team xbot designs, builds and programs (JAVA) a robot September – December for the annual game challenge. Visit www.xbotrobotics.org to find out more information on this nationally recognized high school robotics team. Contact dylew@teamxbot.org for more information.
— Donna Lew, Beacon Hill resident (many years), founder and Executive Director of xbot robotics

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