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Cleveland High School “Beacon Hill’s best building”?

The Stranger’s Charles Mudede suggests that Cleveland High School (the new portion) is “Beacon Hill’s best building.” The new addition, designed by Mahlum (see a slideshow of the building here), was an AIA Project of the Month in May, 2010*. It also won a Citation Award in 2008 from the American Association of School Administrators.

Do you agree? What do you think is the best building on Beacon Hill? What makes a “best building” anyway? Tell us in the comments.

*Mudede’s post says “Cleveland High School, which was designed by Mahlum Architects, won one of the AIA’s 2008 Honor Awards for Washington Architecture.” As far as we can tell, this is an error; the award they won in 2010 is for projects which were previously nominated for Honor Awards but did not win. The website design at the 2008 awards website is ambiguous so the error is understandable.