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KCIA, TAF seek community volunteers

King County International Airport (the one we usually call Boeing Field) is accepting applications from community members to fill the role of a “community representative living in the Beacon Hill/Rainier Valley neighborhood” on the King County International Airport Roundtable.

The Roundtable acts a bridge between King County government officials, Airport management, aviation organizations and businesses, and the communities such as Beacon Hill which surround the airport. Find out more about the Airport Roundtable at the King County website.

The position is a volunteer, unpaid position, appointed by the King County Executive and the King County Council. Terms are three years in length, with a two-term maximum. Please contact Leslie Barstow at 206-296-7431 for an application or additional information.

Another organization currently seeking volunteers is the Technology Access Foundation, located on Rainier Avenue South. Their mission is “to prepare underserved children of color for higher education and professional success by providing a rigorous and relevant K-12 curriculum.”

TAF tells us,

We are currently accepting applications for classroom assistants for our TechStart afterschool program. Volunteers support the teacher by answering questions, keeping students on task and determining which students need extra support in the areas of Science, Technology, math and reading. TechStart is a free after-school academic enrichment program that uses technology to improve math, science and language literacy for students in grades K-9. TechStart students use technology tools in project-based learning experiences. While working on their projects, students gain valuable computer knowledge and communication skills, as well as other essential life skills such as time management, teamwork, fulfilling goals, and presenting information to audiences.

This opportunity is great experience for those seeking a career in teaching. Also this position is ideal for volunteers who enjoy working with younger children, are passionate about technology, and are looking to be part of a dynamic and diverse learning community.

They have other volunteer opportunities as well. See their website for further information.

Boeing Field may be a bit noisier for a while

"Too loud!" Photo by Nicki Dugan via Creative Commons.
Are you noticing increased noise from Boeing Field, sometimes after 10:00 pm? This press release from King County International Airport may explain why:

Residents of some adjacent airport neighborhoods may experience temporary increases in aircraft engine noise levels as described below by The Boeing Company:

Over the next several months, King County International Airport may experience elevated noise events due to The Boeing Company engine runs, a critical part of its flight testing. These flight tests are part of the certification requirements for the 787 and 747-8 programs. Both types of aircraft will be at the airport in higher than normal volumes during this time. This is an important test period where the airplanes are completing their initial configuration testing to support the certification programs.

To the extent possible these engine runs will be kept outside the curfew window between 10pm-7am daily. However, there may be a rare circumstance when The Boeing Company will need to conduct engine runs outside of curfew hours. This is most likely to happen early in the testing program and all proper protocols will be followed and notifications issued. This is necessary in order for Boeing to meet the stringent FFA requirements that allow both airplanes to be certified and put into revenue service.

For more information on flight test operations, please see the flight test fact sheet provided by The Boeing Company at http://www.kingcounty.gov/airport or contact Jennifer Hawton at The Boeing Company, (425) 444-1600.

Thanks to Steve Louie for sending us this info!