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Local restaurant health inspection results posted online

The King County health department restaurant inspectors recently made a tour through North Beacon Hill, visiting some of our favorite establishments. No one failed an inspection, though a few restaurants did have some violation points. Most violations were relatively minor. Curious? Click through to the results for Galaxie/Victrola, Chinatown Café (in the Red Apple), El Centro de la Raza, El Quetzal, Beacon Pub, Kimball Elementary School (no violation points at all!), and Kusina Filipina.

This page lists the food establishments in the 98144 area code. As you can see by browsing through them, most restaurants have a few points against them, so don’t take the presence of a few points as an indication you shouldn’t eat in a particular restaurant.

When we visited London recently, we noticed the “Scores on the Doors” program, in which restaurants had stickers in their front windows touting their recent inspection results. This would be a great idea here, wouldn’t it?