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North Beacon: “the city’s tiniest gay district”

Louisa performing at Inay’s. Photo by Gina Tolentino in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.

Little Castro on Beacon Hill? That’s what The Stranger called the neighborhood earlier this week: “Beacon Hill is the charming Seattle neighborhood that’s secretly home to the city’s tiniest gay district.” They cited Baja Bistro as “gloriously gay (and super-nice to everyone, regardless of their lap habits),” and also mentioned Inay’s, where there is a dinnertime drag show on Fridays.

Apparently North Beacon Hill’s burgeoning gayness hasn’t gone unnoticed by other publications, either. Seattlepi.com mentioned North Beacon Hill earlier this week as a particularly affordable gay community for those wanting to go cheaper than Capitol Hill, with a median housing price of $221 per square foot in comparison to Broadway’s median of $325 per square foot. (The P-I points out that North Beacon tends to have a lot of same-sex male couples, while same-sex female couples are more often found in Columbia City.)

This being Pride weekend, a lot of folks will be headed off the Hill for the weekend’s festivities. Some, though, will wave the rainbow flag right here in “Little Castro on Beacon Hill.”