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Beacon Bits: Lost ring, hip-hop coffee, and a unicorn head

(Editor’s note—I just fixed the link to the article about The Station in The Stranger. Sorry it wasn’t working earlier!)

Neighbor Julie writes:

My husband lost his wedding band yesterday, most likely taking his snow gloves off while we were out walking – here are the most likely places:

  • 23rd & Forest, or along 23rd between McClellan and Stevens
  • NE corner of 17th & Beacon, or across Beacon in front of the library
  • in front of Red Apple

We gave our name and number to Red Apple and we are searching for it, but please keep an eye out!!
Men’s size 10.5 white gold plain wedding band, 4mm
Thank you!!

Julie 206-713-8606

* * *

Sledding, bah. How about sliding down South Hanford Street on a giant unicorn head? Video here.

* * *

Charles Mudede of The Stranger interviews local rapper Gabriel Teodros at The Station coffee house, and The Station is practically the co-star of the interview:

“‘This is my favorite coffee shop in the city. This is the place where my whole city comes through.’ Indeed, a whole city seems to come in and out of the Station. Beacon Hill is a planet.”

* * *

MSNBC’s John Brecher must live around Beacon Hill. He supplied several before-and-after snow photos to a feature on the MSNBC website. Slide the slider back and forth on the pictures to see our neighborhood with and without snow.

* * *

Seattle Public Schools will use Friday, January 27 as a snow make-up day. It was previously scheduled as an off-day for staff professional development. The other two make-up days for this week’s snow days haven’t yet been scheduled.

* * *

Frozen fennel flowers. Photo by K. Shuyler.