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Traffic congestion expected in Sodo tomorrow

We love the Mariners, but those afternoon games make traffic no fun at all. Photo by Wendi.
Beacon Hill neighbors planning to travel through nearby Sodo tomorrow, June 1, should be prepared for traffic congestion. In the morning, approximately 4,000 students will arrive to attend Weather Education Day at Safeco Field. This event will be followed by a Seattle Mariners day game against the Baltimore Orioles. The game begins at 12:40 p.m., and post-game traffic and rerouting will affect the afternoon rush hour commute.

In the BHB‘s experience, this means that you should not even consider driving from Beacon Hill to Highway 99 via Sodo tomorrow after about the 5th inning. Take alternate transportation if you can, or alternate routes that keep you away from the stadium area.

Beacon Bits: Camp Fire, Comet Lodge, and Déjà Vu

It’s a slow news week on the Hill (I think everyone’s enjoying our late October sunshine) but there are a few things we wanted to mention: