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Knife sharpening service coming to the Hill on Saturday

Knives like this work best when kept sharp. Photo by bradleypjohnson via Creative Commons.
Lynn Tucker on the Beacon Hill community mailing list organized a visit to the Hill from the mobile knife sharpening service, Cutlery on Wheels. Owner Bill Magee can sharpen knives, kitchen tools, fabric scissors, hair scissors, and more. The cutlery truck also contains a “Showroom on Wheels” with knives and culinary tools for sale.

Cutlery on Wheels will be parked in front of The Station coffee shop at 2533 16th Ave. S. on Saturday, November 19 from 10 a.m. until about 4 p.m.

Lynn adds:

“It usually takes about 30-45 minutes to do 6-8 knives and kitchen or sewing scissors depending on how many people stop in to drop off more knives. Prices depend on length of blade. I paid about $38 for 8 knives of varying lengths. Bill will do hand garden tools at the end of the day as he needs to change belts. He will not be able to do lawnmower blades of any kind.”