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Check out the Commons

You might have noticed a few days ago that a new button appeared in the top menu of the Beacon Hill Blog, titled “The Commons.” For a few days I’ve been testing out a new feature intended to let community members submit content to the blog. Reviews, news, features, interviews, news tips and more are welcome. (Photos, for now, have to get here another way. But stay tuned.)

All you have to do is go to the “Write For The BHB” link in the top menu (or just click this) and write your content in there.

Once approved (it’s moderated, but just to keep out spammers), your content goes live on the Commons where it can be read and discussed by community members. Some Commons articles will be promoted to the main BHB page. Recent Commons posts are listed in the right-hand column of all pages on the Beacon Hill Blog.

Try it out and see how you can easily contribute to your neighborhood blog in The Commons! If you’re thinking of posting a neighborhood event on Facebook or the mailing list, think about posting it here too.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this new feature!