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Parking conflict leads to garbage dumping

This very unneighborly pile of trash was left on a neighbor’s car Friday night.

A neighbor wrote to tell us about a disturbing experience she had on Friday evening. I’ll let her tell the story (posted anonymously by her request):

Today I was arriving home from work shortly before 5pm, heading north on 14th Ave (near Atlantic). I noticed an available street parking spot near our house, on the right side of the street, so I slowed down and pulled into it. A car in the southbound lane was stopped with a left blinker on, presumably turning into a driveway. When I pulled into the parking spot, I could hear yelling from the guy in the turning car. I didn’t really figure out why until he turned into the driveway directly behind me, turned around and drove off. Apparently he wanted that parking spot and was trying to claim it. I recognized his car from seeing it parked in the vicinity, including when it was parked in a street spot for 5 straight days and eventually got towed.

Later on this evening, one of our neighbors knocked on our door to tell us they noticed someone had dumped trash onto the hood of my car. I went out to see for myself, and sure enough, there was gross garbage strewn all over my car — including compost waste and diapers. Lovely. I can only imagine he brought this garbage from his home, since our garbage pick up happened yesterday morning and most people’s cans aren’t on the sidewalks.

I attached a picture I took of my car with the garbage surprise. I’m hoping you post this anonymously, but wanted to send fair warning to my other neighbors about our sociopathic neighbor, and to tell others to keep an eye out for any foul play going on.

This is Beacon Hill, not Capitol Hill. Are any parking spots really that hard to come by?